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Better care for your loved one
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Your loved one (family member receiving care) may have a variety of things to contend with such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, congestive heart failure, etc.  The caregiving tasks could be routine, but important functions need to be maintained.  The tasks may include:


  • - Making medical appointments


  • - Juggling time with various doctors' visits and drugstore(s)


  • - Discussions with the doctors, case managers and other medical professionals to understand what needs to be done.


ConnectedVisits supports better care for your loved one by helping manage doctor visits, medication management, and involving more family members in the care process.




Eliminate costs associated with your trips
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Caring for a loved one can be expensive - including travel and taking time off from work, and other family matters. You also may be the designated "on-call" family member for problems with the loved one. Further added to the stress could be long distance travel or even having to fly in. Caring from a distance is difficult both emotionally and logistically.


ConnectedVisits allows family members to participate in your loved one's care without having to travel, spending time and resources.




Reduce stress
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Overtime we can become exhausted and stressed from caregiving roles on top of busy work and family schedules and begin to feel guilty and depressed as our stamina wanes.


ConnectedVisits connects the patient, doctor, and all family members with video conferencing and full audio. It provides a cloud-based location for families to share notes, list and manage medications, questions for the doctor and other capabilities. Getting families involved in providing care is really important.


It helps provide better care for the patient, reduces return trips to the hospital, and encourages patients to follow the care instructions given. All this can lead to reduced stress for all involved.




Watch our Video

Watch our Video


ConnectedVisits brings quick and convenient remote access
to your loved one's doctor visits.


The family members can participate, as if they are there in person, and coordinate care issues before and after a visit. ConnectedVisits reduces stress, improves care and eliminates costs associated with family members' visits.