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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



How many pledges can I make?

You can pledge as many you wish, as long we still have availability in the category that you are interested in.



How will you keep backers up to date?

We intend to be fully engaged with our backers as we move forward with the ConnectedVisits. There will be frequent updates and progress reports. Once our campaign is over we’ll continue to share our progress as we prepare for production and beyond.



How can I share new ideas that could add value?

It is important you share ideas and suggestions with us to improve the product before we deliver - help us helping millions of family caregivers. Please post your comments by submitting the “Contact” form above.


How will it work for more than one person needing care?

You will have to have separate accounts for each – ConnectedVisits is secure and HIPAAA compliant, meaning it does not allow us to combine information from one account with others. Also it allows us to set the right information sharing rules for each account separately.


What equipment do we need to do ConnectedVisits?

To be on ConnectedVisits, you just need a PC / laptop / iPAD with a webcam, internet connection and a browser (IE / Firefox are recommended).



How many can be in a session during doctor's visit?

In addition to your loved one, up to three family members can do ConnectedVisits.



Will we have access to information at any time?

ConnectedVisits is secure and HIPAA complaint. Any of the authorized family members have access to the information.



Can I be a part of a visit from outside the country?

Any family member can do ConnectedVisits securely from anywhere as long as they have a laptop / iPAD with internet connection – it is like using a cell phone.



What if a family member could not be part of a visit?

No problem, the visit can be recorded and viewed at a later time. After review of the visit, the family member can be part of the care process by adding notes to “Repository of Notes” section.