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ConnectedVisits - the first comprehensive, innovative and advanced system for families caring for a loved one.


After spending years researching and developing software in the medical profession, we discovered many families struggling to attend or understand their loved one’s doctor visits.  Often, their loved one couldn’t communicate the right information at a visit and would struggle to interpret what the doctor was saying after the fact.  There are many of us who struggle with this.  In fact, about 29% of adult Americans (about 65 million) have loved ones who require frequent visits to the doctor.  That’s over 30 million families.


That’s why we developed ConnectedVisits –    



What Value We Bring to Family


Secure and private real-time video visits


Repository of pre-, during and post- visit notes


Condition management with vital monitoring and predictive analytics




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ConnectedVisits features 


Secure and Private real-time video Visits

ConnectedVisits enables the patient, doctor, and all family members to participate in the doctor’s visit via video conferencing.  All you need is an ordinary PC / laptop / iPAD and a webcam. The system allows for up to four individuals to take part in a real-time visit. This allows for extended members of the healthcare team, such as social worker, nutritionist, pharmacist, etc. to join in the real-time audio-video session.   The collaborations are secure and HIPAA compliant unlike systems like Skype etc.



Repository of pre-, during and post- visit notes

Family members and caregivers can create notes within the system. You can review the notes and post additional notes for other members to see your concerns and views.  read more ...



Condition management with vital monitoring and predictive analytics

It also provides a place to record vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and other findings such blood glucose and body weight.  Combined with predictive analytics of vital monitoring, it offers medication management, nutrition counseling, exercise and diet regimens, and behavioral health counseling.  read more ...



Calendar for tracking video visits / appointments

The family collaboration sessions can be scheduled in the system for the convenience of everyone involved making the coordination highly efficient.  



Video recording of family ConnectedVisits

Family members and caregivers can record video notes either on care plan, care process, or condition of the patient etc. You can view the video as a note or as information. This will be a quick way to communicate among the caregivers and family members.  

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Repository of images / videos

You could capture images and videos and store in the system as longitudinal view of the patient condition.  



Medication management notes

All the medication information can be stored in the system and retrieved to help patient effectively manage medications and schedules.  read more ...



Training / education material

Both documents and video can be stored and offered as education / training material for the family members or caregivers.  This offers an opportunity for everyone involved in the care to be consistent and accurate, leading to improved quality of care.